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Saman Bank – Iran

2023 World Corporate Champions Cup
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Qualifying Tournament

Start off at a National Qualifying Tournament in your country

Continental Tournament

Participate at any of the regional tournaments in any continent

World Corporate Champions Cup

Participate at the ultimate level to become a World Champion.

FIFCO has developed a series of tournaments to meet every level of play.  Our approach is to have various options of tournaments around the world and let our members choose those they want to attend.  Of course, the World Corporate Champions Cupis reserved for an “earned” entry for teams that have qualified in their respective countries. We are also designing trade specific tournaments on a regional and world-wide basis to meet the increasing demands of those that want to “meet” their counterparts on a football pitch. Each one of our members can also bid on future locations in order to host an international event in their respective countries.